Have you heard about the Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano? This piano has been gaining popularity around the world. To find out why, continue to read this article.

One of the most widely purchased and played digital piano today is the Yamaha Clavinova digital piano. Yamaha is also well-known in manufacturing acoustic pianos. Thus they are able to design and produce digital pianos which can produce the sound of an acoustic piano and as well incorporates the several qualities of an actual acoustic piano.

The Clavinova really looks like a piano which has complete 88 keys in colors black and white. On the other hand, one of its primary advantages over an acoustic piano is the presence of its volume control which makes the Yamaha Clavinova belong to the list of the best pianos when it comes to controlling the piano’s sound volume.

There are actually two ranges that are comprised by the Clavinova – the CLP and the CVP Series. The CLP is made to suit the needs of those who want a more basic type of piano. It only features limited number of voices and plays like a regular piano. The CVP on the other hand provides the piano player or the user various styles of voices and usually gives rhythms and accessories making it possible for the musician to render an accurate and efficient kind of performance. Let’s get to know the popular models from each of these ranges.

Yamaha CLP320

There is something about this digital piano from Yamaha. The CLP320 is the model suitable for beginners and contains numerous wonderful features at the top end of the Clavinova series. As with other Yamaha Clavinova models, the CLP320 makes use of real Yamaha concert grand piano sound samples. Furthermore, it includes 3 levels of vibrant stereo sampling. This only signifies that that every single note is recorded at three levels. As a result, there is a greater depth whenever you play the musical instrument.

To make the CLP320 feel as real to an acoustic piano, its keys are lightly weighted. Like other Yamaha Clavinova digital pianos, CLP320 also has graded hammer action with 88 keys along with a damper pedal that executes a half-pedal-effect.

Yamaha CVP509

From the CVP Series, the CVP509 is considered as the most popular. This is regarded as Yamaha’s top of the range model. Its main feature is its great playability and aesthetic appeal. The actual keyboard of this Clavinova model makes use of synthetic ivory key tops and authentic white keys made in wood. You will be amazed on its key surface that is soft and lightly permeable. This quality gives the keys extra grip allowing you to play effortlessly.

Yamaha CVP509 gives you the feeling of playing a luxurious and expensive acoustic piano which then allows you to change the sound volume as well as its eloquence whether you like it to be soft, smooth, or a little bit livelier. Additionally, it has AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling allowing you to get sampling sounds at more than 3 keystroke lengths in diverse levels.

Yamaha Clavinova has truly come a long way in providing the musician their needs as well as played an important role in developing the instrument of digital piano. Yamaha Clavinova’s design is pleasing for people who have limited space at home or in concert venues as well as for those who have limited portability and sound volume.


When you look for musical instruments, you indeed want to buy the best that are available in the market. On the other hand, this doesn’t end here. It is essential to purchase an instrument that is suitable for your playing style. This is true when you desire to purchase a piano keyboard for yourself. That’s why you shouldn’t go by what you see. Instead, you should do an excellent comparison on digital pianos by taking a trial and observe if it matches all of your requirements.

To find an appropriate digital piano, doing a comparison really helps.  Since there are various kinds and brands of digital pianos in the market, you should spend time in choosing the best one. There is a Yamaha digital piano, Cameron & Sons, Casio and Roland.  Each of these companies creates fine and excellent digital pianos. As matter of fact, you are able t count on the models to be remarkable in sound and craftsmanship.

This article will not persuade you to choose one company over the others. This article aims to lead you into the right direction when it comes to buying the suitable digital piano for you.

You are likely to buy a digital piano that makes you very satisfied and will endure even for ages. When finding an appropriate one for you, you can consider these tips especially when comparing various digital piano models.

Compare the Keyboards

It is important to consider the keys of any type of piano, whether it is digital or acoustic piano. After all, the real meaning of playing the piano is all about the way you hi the keys. Hence, you should examine very well the keys of the digital piano that you want to buy.

Look for Weighted Keys

It is advisable to get a digital piano that has weighted keys. Digital pianos come in varying amount of weighting yet, it is still very important to opt for a model that features weighted keys. If you really want to become an advanced pianist, you have to go for pianos that have this quality. There are digital pianos which have very lightweight keys. Although this is just fine if you just play the instrument on that particular keyboard, you will find it hard once you play with a real acoustic or grand piano. Real pianos have weighted keys thus it will be difficult for you to play it if you are used in playing digital pianos with very delicate keys.

Evaluate the Effects

There are actually digital pianos which are full-out synthesizers. This means that you will be able to create sounds from various instruments. Although you may want to choose a digital piano that has versatility, you should get one that has reverb, chorus and sustain selections. This is because of the fact that these features can imitate the effects and pedals that a real piano has. Make sure that the digital piano you want to purchase has three effects in order to help you becoming an expert in playing a piano.

Whether you love to play a digital piano or you want to have one, you should take into account these helpful tips. Also, if you keep these in mind while shopping for your digital piano, you will surely find the suitable digital piano for your musical endeavors.




When it comes to producing digital pianos, Casio is one of the most trusted and efficient brands to consider. This is because they have been producing not just quality digital pianos but convenient and economical as well. Let us familiarize ourselves with the models of Casio Digital Pianos and their top features.

Along with other popular leading digital piano brands in the market, Casio digital pianos also have the ability to generate incredible sounds and rhythms. Every pianist will also have the flexibility of taking your own keyboards wherever you want to go.  Casio digital pianos are great for home use, stage use, studio use, and good tools for beginners and piano teachers.

The following are three leading models of digital pianos from Casio.

Casio CP-100 Digital Piano

This model of digital keyboard from Casio is considered to be one of the highest rated models. It includes 88 keys with level sensitivity of touch plus features five unique tones. It can produce a rich kind of sound that makes it possible for you to perform like a professional piano player. You can buy this Casio digital piano for around $350. Also, Casio CP-100 is portable enough to have it carried around easily with its 25 pounds weight.

Casio Privia PX-120

PX120 Casio digital piano has a sound like that of a grand piano plus it features great sound quality with the use of its state of the art keyboard. This weighs 25 pounds which means that it can be conveniently carried around. It also has an upgraded model which is the PX-130 that looks slimmer as compared to PX-120. One good feature of this model is that it allows you to learn additional songs using its Duet Mode feature.

Casio Privia PX-330

This is another sleek model of Casio which also has the capacity to render quality sound and remarkable performance. It has 88 keys and is known to be quite versatile because of its included layers of stereo piano samples. Capable of producing grand piano sound, it also generates seamless transitions and a greater dynamic range. Moreover, it stimulates the sound of the open strings whenever the dampers are raised through a pedal. This is possible with the use of its digital signal processor. When it comes to connectivity, this model can be easily connected to your computer allowing you to create and compose your own music.

Casio offers various models of digital pianos which are widely-used in schools, studios, and stage. All of the Casio digital pianos have 88 keys and full set. This enables you to play more classical or modern kind of compositions. The ability of digital keyboards to produce a sound very close to the real piano is really an advantage for both beginners and professionals. The convenience and portability of Casio digital pianos allow musicians to travel with a band. What’s more, Casio digital pianos are capable of producing strings from an organ, as well as vibes and harpsichord sounds.


As one of the top piano producers in the world, Cameron & Sons has been providing quality musical instruments to people. This established company continues in making a huge demand from clients for it offers many different pianos that come in various types and models. One of the most popular piano models of Cameron & Sons is its own version of digital grand piano, the CSM-41-D Digital Baby Grand Piano.

The CSM 41-D is very famous and is preferred by musicians, beginners, and professionals. Also, this piano is most liked by many serious performers. CSM 41D is great for performance spaces because of its remarkable features.

Serious musicians require a piano that is not just efficient and good sounding but elegant and classy in appearance as well. Thankfully, Cameron & Sons was able to develop a piano with the combination of sophistication and digital capabilities. Although there are many rivals in the piano industry, CSM 41D stays to be the most sough-after musical instrument today. It carries attributes that can be found both on a grand piano and a digital grand piano.

Digital grand pianos are known for their advanced features which are designed to render an ultimate home entertainment. However, CSM-41D is not just for the home. It is also a good musical instrument for huge performances.

Its typical size of 4’4” is just ideal for performances. The CSM-41 D is designed using the latest kind of technology and unsurpassed artistry. Dedicated pianists appreciate CSM-41D for its touch responsive keyboard with 88 keys, 64-note polyphony, multi-track recording system, and 138 PCM voice. You can also add the 6 built-in demo songs and 109 styles.

CSM-41D never requires regular tuning. This is considered to be an advantage for serious pianists since they don’t have to spend time and money in tuning their instrument. It has a number of recording features rendering endless musical possibilities. CSM-41D is also famous for its sensitive keyboard that replicates the sound of a real grand piano. This feature provides different tonal and vocal styles as well as modern musical scenario.

Composing and saving songs is also an advantage for serious musicians. With CSM-41D, you have the convenience of composing and saving your own songs using the instrument’s integrated top quality multi-track recorder. As with most of the digital grand pianos, CSM-41D is also portable. It can be moved and discharged, arranged and set up at any place such as concert halls or other performance spaces. When it comes to appearance, CSM-41D looks elegant and stunning with its high polished polyester finish in black with a quality matching padded piano bench. Hence, dedicated musicians will not only experience remarkable musical performance but will appreciate classiness of this musical instrument as well.

The CSM-41D Baby Grand Digital piano is just one of the piano models offered by Cameron & Sons for beginners or advanced pianists. This company is known for their excellent musical instruments and accessories such as pianos and piano benches. They have been providing quality pianos and benches for many years already. If you want to have your own CSM-41D, you can visit their website for you to get great deals for this particular piano model.


Digital grand pianos are popular for their portability. Most people opt for this piano type because it can be carried around since it is made of lightweight materials. An owner of a digital grand piano will experience convenience in moving this musical instrument from one place to another. A digital grand piano is considered an excellent decorating tool because of the fact that it includes a one of a kind class and style. This feature of a digital grand piano is the main reason why most homeowners choose thus piano model for their home.

A digital grand piano can be found mostly in homes and residences since they are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. They also don’t take up a lot of space thus they are to fit into homes that have limited spaces such as studios and apartments. Most homeowners as well want to have a piano that practical and yet efficient. Digital grand pianos need no tuning which means that you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money for expensive tuning that is done on a regular basis.

These are all the reasons why the majority of homeowners go for digital grand pianos. On the other hand, every buyer should not buy without some important considerations. You should do a research about the various models of digital grand pianos. But, in addition to this, a digital grand piano buyer must look at these factors when purchasing one for the home.


Digital grand pianos come in a wide variety of sizes. That’s why it is important to know first the size that is suitable for your own home. It is paramount to purchase the proper size suited for your requirements and the available space in your home. Of course, if the space in your home is limited enough, you can consider buying a digital grand piano that has dimensions fitted to the size of your living room. Most digital grand pianos are made according to the different typical sizes of homes and residences. If you have a larger and spacious space, it is ideal for you to buy one that is larger enough for it to complement with the design of the room.

Color or Style

Digital grand pianos also come in many different colors and styles to choose from. In buying a digital grand piano for the home, these two factors really matter. You should buy a digital grand that contains a color that can go with the décor of your home. Choose a style that matches also your home’s design and make sure that it will look good together with the setting.


Price really makes a difference for buyers. Thankfully, most digital grand pianos are affordable although you there are some that can cost a little bit higher. Since you intend to buy a digital grand piano for the home, you can consider buying one that is in low-price yet can produce a good sound.

Buying a digital grand piano for the home is not as hard as compared to purchasing a real grand piano. This is because you don’t need many considerations to be look at. You can even consider buying online for a more convenient digital grand piano shopping. Almost all of the leading digital grand piano brands can be accessed through the internet. Plus, you can choose from great large assortments of musical instruments online.


People always have the confusion whether to choose a digital grand piano or a traditional acoustic piano. A lot of debates have occurred over which type of piano is better. This used to be an easy decision for many individuals. On the other hand, due to the fact that technology is now changing, traditional acoustic piano enthusiasts now choose the features of digital grand pianos. Although the acoustic piano has the most natural tone among pianos, the digital grand piano continues to attract musicians with its musical digital capabilities, elegance and sound close to that of a real grand piano.

The digital grand piano has several advantages over the acoustic one. These advantages have truly captured the interest of many piano enthusiasts, beginners, and even advanced piano players. Let us understand each of the advantages of a digital grand over a traditional acoustic one.

Touch Sensitive Keys

Digital grand pianos have the capacity to reproduce in an accurate way the feel of a traditional acoustic piano. Excellent digital grand pianos have solid keyboard action and natural touch and feel. Also, good quality digital grand pianos may include a weighted key action that occurs to replicate the feel of a traditional acoustic piano. These pianos also have tone generator along with digital technology that provides pleasing and unique kind of tone. The feel of a piano is very important and must be considered by the piano buyer. The quality of feel from a digital grand piano just indicates how and what it is made of.

Low Maintenance

This feature of digital grand pianos is very rewarding for piano owners. Due to the fact that digital grand pianos don’t require tuning, it allows you to save time, effort, and money to hire a piano tuner. It is really an advantage for piano owners and musicians since digital pianos stay ‘’in tune’’ forever. Traditional acoustic pianos need tuning regularly, preferably every 6 months. Having your piano tuned twice a year can cost you about $200 or more.

Elegant Piano Case Same as Acoustic

Digital grand pianos are also known for their elegance and smaller and lighter size. They don’t contain all the hammers and strings and other bulky materials utilized in a traditional acoustic piano. But aside from these, digital grand pianos also look elegant with a piano case that is similar to that of an acoustic piano. This then makes a digital grand piano an attractive interior decoration for the home or wherever it is located.

Lower Initial Investment

The cost of a digital grand piano is quite cheaper as compared to a real acoustic grand. Thus, a lot of people can now afford to buy a digital grand piano. Price is indeed one of the primary factors which make people prefer this piano model. It only requires lower initial investment to have your own digital grand piano.



Most of our pianists today are craving for digital grand pianos because of their remarkable design style, and sound. Piano owners and fanatics tend to go for digital grand pianos given that they are equipped with many great and advanced features in creating endless musical possibilities. There are a number of good digital grand piano brands today and Cameron & Sons is definitely one of them. In fact, it is now considered as the best selling digital piano in the industry. Let us find out why by reading the rest of this article.

The famous digital model of Cameron & Sons is its Baby Grand Digital Piano. Generally, people often opt for this model since is full or wonderful features suited for almost any level of pianists.

Portable Baby Grand Digital Piano

Cameron & Sons Digital Grand pianos weigh less as compared to acoustic pianos. Its more compact size allows it to be perfect for homes that only have limited space. However, their size never affects its ability to enhance the beauty of the setting where it is placed. Its perfect size will surely compliment a wide range of rooms or homes. Actually, its smaller size makes it more convenient. You can even disassemble the main parts of a Cameron & Sons Digital Grand piano and bring it from one place to the other without too much effort exerted. What’s more, Cameron & Sons Baby Grand Digital piano comes with a high polished polyester finish.

Offers a Great Variation of Digital Sounds

A good sound is essential in every piano most especially for digital grand pianos. Cameron & Sons Baby Grand Digital Piano incorporates various sounds that most often provide every musician a good deal of selection of sounds. Cameron & Sons includes an amazing collection of remarkable combination of hundreds of sounds, rhythms, as well as recording functions that make musical capabilities. CS Digital Baby Grand has 138 PCM Voice, 109 Styles, and 6 Demo Songs.

Enhanced Key Hammer Action

Cameron & Sons Digital Baby Grand Piano features an enhanced touch sensitive keyboard hammer style to yield a sound of a piano which offer a great variety of tonal styles and innovative experiences. It includes 88 Key Touch Sensitive Hammer Keyboard.

High-Grade Multi Track Recorder

Another amazing feature if the Cameron & Sons Baby Grand Digital piano is it makes it possible for you to compose and save your own songs using its integrated high-quality multi- track recorder.

More Affordable Grand Piano

Investing in Cameron & Sons Digital Grand Piano could also help you save a lot of money since it doesn’t call for a greater maintenance. It can perform well even without tuning it regularly.
These features of Cameron & Sons Digital Baby Grand piano can be quite remarkable for anyone in the family. Anyone could have the chance to enjoy the luxury of playing this instrument while making real kind of music which can be ultimately printed and connected with other kinds of modern devices. Cameron & Sons Digital Grand Piano truly is the piano that everybody should crave for. Hence, it is now regarded as the top selling digital piano in the industry.


Certainly, there are a number of great brands of baby grand digital pianos available in the current market. One of those is the William Digital Pianos that has been creating remarkable digital pianos for several years already. When you compare Williams Digital grand pianos to all other major brands of digital piano manufacturers, William is just a new entrant but this company was able to gain some popularity and is now widely-used in North America. Although it doesn’t include a very big market, it is still known in Canada and United States of America.

What Williams Digital Grand Pianos Can Offer

Generally, Williams Digital Grand pianos have been designed for musicians and music lovers who want the sound, look, and feel of a fine and elegant grand piano. This is possible with the combination of remarkable range of effects and other features that only the finest digital pianos can provide. Williams pianos are beautiful in style and sound. They are reliable kind of electronic instruments which include attributes that are attractive to musicians of any level and musical capacity. William pianos are just perfect for both beginners and advanced piano players.

William Digital Grand offers a touch that will let you feel a true classic kind of instrument. If you want more control on the keyboard touch, Williams Digital Grand piano has an adjustable touch sensitivity quality. It features an 88-note keyboard and sophisticated, traditional style and grace which make Williams Digital Grand pianos the perfect accompaniment to any home or setting. This musical instrument has the ability to give you an everlasting genuine piano experience because of its included high quality piano samples. Moreover, it has a great combination of realistic voices along with excellent playability.

The features of William Digital Grand piano are as follows:

  • 88 weighted keys in full-size with adjustable touch response
  • 14 voices from Various Instruments
  • Brightness Control
  • Stereo Speaker System
  • MIDI In/Out
  • 10,000 note 2-track recorder
  • Dual Voice Mode
  • 15 Demos Songs
  • Metronome
  • 2 Headphone Jacks for Silent Listening
  • Speaker System for Stereos

Williams Baby Grand Digital Pianos – The Ideal Choice for Beginners

William digital grand pianos are not only known in quality and elegance but also a great option in case you are looking for more affordable digital grand pianos. We all know that a good digital grand piano usually tends to require higher budget. The good thing is that Williams Digital Grand pianos are available in affordable prices and in good quality. Williams Digital Grand pianos can be bought for less than $3,000. which is very affordable especially for those who are on tight budgets. Although they come in lower prices, you may need to be aware that some are of poor quality. Actually, buying a digital grand piano from Williams is hardly a good choice for beginners in piano playing.


The Suzuki Music Company has been creating excellent and fine instruments since the year 1953. After many years, they also started to enter the world of pianos by producing acoustic and digital piano series from Suzuki Grand Piano to Suzuki Uprights. Since that time Grand Pianos have become a perfect symbol of class and elegance during the ages.

The Baby Grand Digital Piano from Suzuki is proven to be of  high-quality and is a valuable alternative solution to the acoustic piano. They possess a beautiful look, are handy, and they never require regular maintenance. Suzuki Digital Grand Pianos include a premier wood cabinet that is designed and finished to faultlessness with the use of similar production techniques as elegant and wonderful as the Digital Acoustic Baby Grand Pianos. To give you some hints on what to look for when buying Suzuki Digital Grand Pianos, we selected two of its popular models and listed down their main features.

Suzuki Mini-Grand Digital Piano

Suzuki is full of pride as they launch its Mini-Grand Digital Piano that is not only elegant in look but enjoyable and convenient for the entire family and friends. This amazing instrument is jam-packed with attributes that create a technically excellent kind of performance along with classic grace. The features that you will see in Mini Grand are the following:

  • Mini Grand is a digital grand piano that doesn’t require a regular tuning and maintenance.
  • It includes a remarkable combination of more than a hundred of voices, rhythms and recording traits that are made to generate great melodic possibilities. You can as well compose and save your own music and songs with the use of its five-track recorder.
  • Stereo and 3D instrument pleasant voices allow the instrument to create remarkable acoustic sound.
  • Mini Grand also has a floppy disk which allows you to save and playback your practice and rehearsals.
  • It enables you to create your music library with music that you get from the internet.

Suzuki  HG-437 Digital Baby Grand Piano

This more compact piano from Suzuki has features that are almost the same with the Mini Grand Digital Piano. But this model is just perfectly proportioned to fit into rooms and places that have limited space. Its main features are as follows:

  • Advanced Balanced-Graded Hammer Action Keyboard – This allows HG-437 to deliver a genuine Grand Piano touch that is ideal for teaching purposes.
  • Stereo and 3D voices samples
  • Music Library
  • Music Disks
  • Brilliant Hand rubbed Lacquer Baby Grand Digital Piano Finish
  • Karaoke Sing Features with Lyrics Display
  • 5 Track Recorder
  • 128 Instrument Voices
  • Can be used with headphones
  • Doesn’t call for a regular tuning

If you are looking for a class and performance in one piano, Suzuki Digital Grand Pianos can be a great option. Their digital grand models are equipped with these features that make every pianists feel and experience endless musical possibilities.

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